About Bongo


My name is Jonathan Green. My friends call me Bongo and I produce music as ElectroBongo. I am a new media designer/developer, experimental artist and electronic music producer. I host a chillout music YouTube music show called Deep Space Chill Co where I feature international electronic music artists and video footage from space.

Early on I was trained as a percussionist and grew up playing in a classical conservatory. In 1983 I played my first MOOG synthesizer and from there I was hooked on electronic music. Beginning in 1984 I hosted one of the first college radio shows dedicated to Electronic Music. At the time, WMUL was one of the top 5 college radio stations in the United States. I modeled the show after a successful radio show called Music from the Hearts of Space out of Berkeley, California. The show aired for two years on Tuesday and Thursday nights from midnight to 2 am and featured artists like Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaataa, Cabaret Voltaire, Herbie Hancock, and Frankie Knuckles, and other (more industrial) music from groups like Skinny Puppy and Nitzer Ebb. I remember a lot of people would call in and ask, “What the hell is this shit?” I was an electronic music pusher of sorts and didn’t really care about the comments. Even though I hosted house parties with this music and I loaned out EPs to my friends to play these tracks in clubs for underground nights, this was all pre-“electronic dance music”.

More escapades to follow…